Overuse injuries: Your machine (body) may be wearing out!

           Gradual in onset: often the result of overusing a particular part of the body is sometimes due to poor technique. Overuse injuries are common in professional athletes because of the intense nature of their training. They are also seen in those who train regularly. For example, overuse injuries can affect those who spend long periods in a repetitive action such as marathon running. This is partly because slight problems with technique will be magnified by being repeated over and over again. It is also partly because intense and prolonged training does not allow muscles, tendons and ligaments recovery time from the minor stresses and strains of training sessions. Overuse injuries can be to any part of the...

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Surfaces, Shoes & Injuries – Are your legs exhausted?

Surfaces, Shoes, Injuries

Basketball players find that softer wood floors are much easier on the legs and maple flooring tends to offer the most give. Temporary wood courts used for NBA games in multi-sport arenas tend to have a great deal of give. An engineered athletic surface using scrap rubber could replicate hardwood performance with even greater safety.  Playing on harder surfaces like tile, concrete, asphalt, tartan surfaces and some newer synthetic surfaces with less give can lead to "jumper's knee," or patellar tendinitis. Playing on surfaces with extreme traction, like rubberized floors, can increase ankle sprains, knee sprains, turf toe and other injuries familiar to football players competing on older-style artificial surfaces. Choosing the right basketball shoe and keeping the out-soles of...

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Playing surfaces – Natural vs. artificial? You make the call!

Playing surfaces

Natural food is always better than GMO’s but debates still go on about whether playing on natural grass vs. artificial turf playing surfaces cause more injuries. Research has shown that as the coefficient of friction increases there is an increase in the rate of lower extremity injuries. This means that the more traction you get on the field or court, the higher the risk of injury. The common thought is that turf has more traction than grass and therefore we will see more injuries on turf. A study published in 2011 looking at football, rugby, and soccer injuries showed that there was a higher incidence of ankle injuries on artificial turf. In 2012, another study looking at NCAA football injuries...

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Floored! “Why do my knees ache?”

Growing up, you probably never even given the floor or surface you were playing on a thought. Hey, you were young and in-shape. What’s a floor got to do with it?  Fast forward 15 years and you are now in your forties and still playing that sport you love but your body isn’t recovering as well or as quickly. Synthetic floors are primarily used in buildings were a multi-sport surface is needed. Volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, along with dances, flea markets, etc. are played/held on this type of flooring. Volleyball lends itself to using large convention centers where the synthetic floors are place on top of concrete. Synthetic floors raise issues of loading, where the cushioning “bottoms out”, making a...

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