CBD: How and Why it Works!

Don't know, it works,

From a very young age, medications are given for aches and pains. These medications are known to help relieve basic discomforts but, probably, most people using these products have no clue about the mechanism of action. Translated: they don’t know how it works, they just know that it works!

For instance, Tylenol is the  most widely recommended pain reliever. Until recently, it was not fully known “how it actually works.” Well folks, it works in our body in the Endocannabinoid system. What the heck is that? It is the same system in which THC and CBD work. What???

Let’s back off a moment and consider other medications prescribed as: antidepressants. One of the most common categories of antidepressants is known as SSRI.

What do antidepressants do?

Do most people know what that is? Likely not! Is it taken frequently? Yes! In essence, what the SSRI medications do is limit the re-uptake of certain substances, increasing the availability of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. This, in turn, increases the availability of these substances which help improve mood and decrease depression to a degree.

A quick google search and it becomes evident that the actual mechanism of action is not known. SO, a medicine that works but no one knows exactly how is widely prescribed in the United States. How about that! This class of medication works, so it is prescribed with so many people taking it without really knowing how it works!! People take the medication because it does work!

The CBD Stigma

One of the problems of talking about CBD is the fact that it comes from the cannabis plant, aka: marijuana. There are multiple substances that come from the cannabis plant, the most widely known is THC. Because of the negative association of THC and its psychogenic effect, there is a negative association for many people when they hear CBD also comes from the cannabis plant.

But here’s the thing: CBD works in an entirely different way than does THC. Its effects are gentler and it does not make one high or crazed in amounts generally recommended.

When we experience pain, our bodies release substances in the endocannabinoid system which eases pain. As these substances wear off, if the painful stimulus is still present, we experience more pain. CBD works in a way like the SSRI’s work, only with different substances in our body. CBD slows down the breakdown of those substances released in response to pain.

How CBD helps

Therefore, we get a boost of pain relief because CBD helps those substances last a bit longer. So we get the benefit of extended pain relief without the effect of the high that one gets with THC. THC works differently on different receptors. So the effects are different.

CBD is in our creams as an adjunct to pain relief provided by menthol which limits inflammation. Magnesium also limits inflammation and decreases swelling. The choice of ingredients that are put into our creams are done with the intention to obtain maximum pain relief using a combination of substances that work together to get the most “bang for your buck!”