Cycle longer, recover quicker – use MagNificent magnesium cream


MagNificent Magnesium Cream for cycle soreness

To cycle longer and keep your workouts consistent, your body needs to recover quicker – “You can’t get good by staying home”


Finding ways for your body to recover quickly will help with your workout the next day. Soreness and pain decrease if your rides/workouts stay consistent and proper techniques are used. Cycling soreness after a long, hard ride is normal – the day after or two days after. This is called the DOMS effect (delayed onset muscle soreness). It can happen after any intense workout or sports game. Ice and anti-inflammatory drugs may help in the beginning but you should avoid depending on them since these drugs only mask the problem, not solve it. DOMS is a sign of damage and fatigue.

Athletes, whether younger or older, need magnesium to help form energy in the cells known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The primary benefit of magnesium is muscle relaxation. It reduces lactic acid, which causes post-exercise pain, and eliminates muscle spasms but it also acts to increase energy.

Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation enhances the performance and endurance of athletes who participate in long distance sports. Magnesium is lost through the sweating process. The more one sweats, the more magnesium is lost. Thereby, the athlete becomes more magnesium deficient. (see: Dr. Carolyn Dean’s book – “The Magnesium Miracle”)

So help yourself recover naturally:

Always cool down after a long ride or workout.  Rub down with a foam roller to get rid of built up toxins.  Drink up with any recovery drink or just chocolate milk (no alcohol, though).  Eat more protein after a rigorous workout to help with muscle building & repair.  Carb up with a carb rich snack within 30 minutes of a long ride or workout to help build up your glycogen restocking. Rest up with at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  Mag up with MagNificent transdermal magnesium cream after a lukewarm shower to help alleviate inflammation without using NSAIDS.