Fibromyalgia or vitamin deficiency – What is happening to our bodies?

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Feeling irritable, depressed and anxious are signs of Fibromyalgia. Muscle and joint aches along with feeling fatigued and foggy are also symptoms.  Are you wondering if people see you as a “Wendy Whiner”?  All of the above are generalized symptoms of Fibromyalgia that can come and go each day.

Looking further at such symptoms, they are also true for vitamin deficiencies of all kinds such as vitamin B, C, and D, magnesium and calcium deficiencies.  How on earth do we know what is happening to us?

What IS true:  As we get older, vitamins are not absorbed as easily as when we were younger.  Further, we lose vitamins more quickly as well.


What does that mean?

  • Vitamins are involved in a process called “cellular respiration”. That is how the body makes energy so that we can do what we do.
  • When the body loses the pieces of the puzzle that drive the engine, we show symptoms of breakdown. Much like a car engine needs all pieces to be in place to function efficiently. When those pieces fail, the engine fails. When an engine fails, the car gets parked in the garage, or elsewhere.
  • So it should be no surprise that when one piece of the puzzle is missing and interrupts the energy production cycle, along with other metabolic functions, that many of the symptoms from other vitamin deficiencies also emerge.


My own personal engagement with vitamins came after having back surgery.  While I had been taking vitamins prior to that time, I found a combination that seemed to help me improve and function with more vigor.  Vitamin B complex helped the tingling in my leg and foot mostly resolve.  Vitamin D seemed to help my bones.  But it was only after adding magnesium, both by mouth and topical cream application, that I really noticed a difference.  Six years after the fat, if I do not use magnesium regularly, I have horrific back and leg muscle spasms and everyday small tasks become daunting.

Getting older may make us smarter but unless we keep up vitamins that we don’t get in food, we also FEEL older.  There is no instant cure.  Just persistence!