Magnesium – A stealthy Ninja with a positive effect on your body!

Magnesium is like a stealthy ninja affecting HUNDREDS of processes in the body (most of them in fact). As long as it is present in adequate concentrations, it helps a healthy body purr along. But as it dwindles, systems and electrolytes begin to be affected and we begin to drag and feel tired. But often when this happens, a multitude of tests are ordered and many times there is no obvious answer for the decreased energy.

It has been researched a lot. Modern research regarding this important nutrient dates back at least to the 1960’s, if not earlier. Papers suggesting its significant role in fetal development were published in 1980. There is a lot of research, but not a lot of emphasis on it. Until recently, it hasn’t really been embraced in the medical world as really important. Until recently…and really, with hesitance.
Strangely, when you get your yearly physical and you have blood labs drawn, AND if a magnesium level is measured, it reflects NOTHING of the true total body levels. Not the way it is commonly measured! The only time it might be relevant is if the magnesium level is EXTREMELY low.

Somehow, someone came up with this notion of a recommended daily allowance of nutrients in general.   Magnesium is no different. Based on daily needs, dietary intake and presumed absorption, a number is derived. This number applies across the board for all people, regardless of body size. Only gender impacts the RDA.   But processed foods don’t have the same amount of magnesium as fifty years ago, due to overuse of fields for growing produce. And the most commonly recommended form, magnesium oxide, is the least absorbed. And so magnesium deficiency starts, insidiously, EVEN when you think you are eating healthy.

            Our website focuses on magnesium:

  • Describing its function and the consequences of its deficiency.
  • Citing resources and references to many of the people and studies.
  • Describing different routes and forms of magnesium supplements.
  • Offering testimony of people who have used supplemental magnesium, via both the oral and transdermal routes.

We certainly recognize the importance of all the other nutrients available. There are many websites available to find that information. Do yourself a favor and become informed.

Be well,

LjKrasner, MD