Price slash on select MagNificent products!

Price slash on select MagNificent products during these tough times. We are all in this together and this is our way of helping out! The pandemic is forcing everyone to stay home. The dreaded DIY projects can be started now. You may wake up with sore muscles all over. Our menthol warming and cooling pain creams with magnesium and CBD will help relieve those sore muscles! Priced at the lowest possible rate while supplies last! shop now So go ahead and do the five P's (Purge, Patch, Paint, Plant & Power Wash) and know we got your back!

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Understanding the basics of CBD

CBD, how it works,

Understanding the basics of CBD is all about doing your due-diligence. Read up on it, do your homework and become better informed. People understand that CBD is supposed to relieve pain. Many don't exactly know how it works. The human body has a system called the "endocannabinoid" system. This system is integral in helping maintain well-being. Read up on it! These two references can help to clear things up. Https:// (This website dispels all the myths about CBD. Don't just take it from us, read and educate yourself about the pro's and con's) Https:// (This refers to the action of CBD in the central nervous system. In its simplest context, CBD works to diminish the breakdown of natural substances that...

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CBD: How and Why it Works!

Don't know, it works,

From a very young age, medications are given for aches and pains. These medications are known to help relieve basic discomforts but, probably, most people using these products have no clue about the mechanism of action. Translated: they don't know how it works, they just know that it works! For instance, Tylenol is the  most widely recommended pain reliever. Until recently, it was not fully known "how it actually works." Well folks, it works in our body in the Endocannabinoid system. What the heck is that? It is the same system in which THC and CBD work. What??? Let's back off a moment and consider other medications prescribed as: antidepressants. One of the most common categories of antidepressants is known as SSRI. What do antidepressants do?...

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Some ABC’s of CBD:


What is the difference between THC and CBD in terms of effects? Natural pain relief TOPS the benefits list of CBD.  It is used for its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.  The Endocannabinoid system is widespread in the human body, naturally.  It helps with homeostasis (maintaining various functions in our bodies).  Our bodies CAN breakdown endocannabinoids.  CBD does not get a person high, THC does! THC is a phytocannabinoid which our bodies have a difficult time breaking down, thus producing a high effect. CBD is all the rage, yet people are frightened of it because of its being a part of the cannabinoid plant.  In simple terms, THC is the "partygoer" and CBD says "just a little more, I think I can, I think I can!"...

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Five common points of pain for cyclists.

Cyclist, bicycle, sport, common points of pain,

Five common points of pain for cyclists are back, hip, knee, neck, and hand pain. Muscle soreness happens to veteran cyclists as well as the “weekend warriors.” It’s a matter of degree of pain.  Just because you aren’t sore, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting stronger.   Letting your muscles catch up and avoiding damage and fatigue is a better way to deal with soreness.  You shouldn’t depend on anti-inflammatory drugs or other pain relievers because they just mask the damage. Check out the five common points of pain: BACK PAIN:    Try to keep your back straight when cycling, and even when you lean forward, avoid arching your back.  Lower back muscles are utilized and strengthened by bicycling, and become...

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Fibromyalgia or vitamin deficiency – What is happening to our bodies?

Fibromyalgia, muscle pain, vitamins, deficiency

                              Feeling irritable, depressed and anxious are signs of Fibromyalgia. Muscle and joint aches along with feeling fatigued and foggy are also symptoms.  Are you wondering if people see you as a “Wendy Whiner”?  All of the above are generalized symptoms of Fibromyalgia that can come and go each day. Looking further at such symptoms, they are also true for vitamin deficiencies of all kinds such as vitamin B, C, and D, magnesium and calcium deficiencies.  How on earth do we know what is happening to us? What IS true:  As we get older, vitamins are not absorbed as easily as when we were younger.  Further, we lose vitamins more...

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Don’t take getting older lying down!

woman lying down with pillow over head looking puzzled

Do we have to take getting older lying down?  I don’t think so. But let’s review, just for clarity. Getting older means changes in our bodies. Loss of stores of essential elements occur. We take in less and lose the essential vitamins and minerals more rapidly than when we were younger.  That’s just the basic aging process, not taking into account major illnesses that arise. Additionally, a healthy meal of today does not have the same nutritional value as the same meal 20 or more years ago. So even if you are eating well, it probably doesn’t meet your body’s needs.  Multiple reasons leave us bereft of our recommended daily allowances. So remember when your parents said, “Did you take your...

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Cycle longer, recover quicker – use MagNificent magnesium cream

  To cycle longer and keep your workouts consistent, your body needs to recover quicker - “You can’t get good by staying home”   Finding ways for your body to recover quickly will help with your workout the next day. Soreness and pain decrease if your rides/workouts stay consistent and proper techniques are used. Cycling soreness after a long, hard ride is normal – the day after or two days after. This is called the DOMS effect (delayed onset muscle soreness). It can happen after any intense workout or sports game. Ice and anti-inflammatory drugs may help in the beginning but you should avoid depending on them since these drugs only mask the problem, not solve it. DOMS is a sign of damage and fatigue. Athletes, whether...

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Magnesium – A stealthy Ninja with a positive effect on your body!

Magnesium is like a stealthy ninja affecting HUNDREDS of processes in the body (most of them in fact). As long as it is present in adequate concentrations, it helps a healthy body purr along. But as it dwindles, systems and electrolytes begin to be affected and we begin to drag and feel tired. But often when this happens, a multitude of tests are ordered and many times there is no obvious answer for the decreased energy. It has been researched a lot. Modern research regarding this important nutrient dates back at least to the 1960's, if not earlier. Papers suggesting its significant role in fetal development were published in 1980. There is a lot of research, but not a lot...

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Overuse injuries: Your machine (body) may be wearing out!

           Gradual in onset: often the result of overusing a particular part of the body is sometimes due to poor technique. Overuse injuries are common in professional athletes because of the intense nature of their training. They are also seen in those who train regularly. For example, overuse injuries can affect those who spend long periods in a repetitive action such as marathon running. This is partly because slight problems with technique will be magnified by being repeated over and over again. It is also partly because intense and prolonged training does not allow muscles, tendons and ligaments recovery time from the minor stresses and strains of training sessions. Overuse injuries can be to any part of the...

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