Some ABC’s of CBD:


What is the difference between THC and CBD in terms of effects? Natural pain relief TOPS the benefits list of CBD.  It is used for its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.  The Endocannabinoid system is widespread in the human body, naturally.  It helps with homeostasis (maintaining various functions in our bodies).  Our bodies CAN breakdown endocannabinoids.  CBD does not get a person high, THC does! THC is a phytocannabinoid which our bodies have a difficult time breaking down, thus producing a high effect. CBD is all the rage, yet people are frightened of it because of its being a part of the cannabinoid plant.  In simple terms, THC is the "partygoer" and CBD says "just a little more, I think I can, I think I can!"...

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Fibromyalgia or vitamin deficiency – What is happening to our bodies?

Fibromyalgia, muscle pain, vitamins, deficiency

                              Feeling irritable, depressed and anxious are signs of Fibromyalgia. Muscle and joint aches along with feeling fatigued and foggy are also symptoms.  Are you wondering if people see you as a “Wendy Whiner”?  All of the above are generalized symptoms of Fibromyalgia that can come and go each day. Looking further at such symptoms, they are also true for vitamin deficiencies of all kinds such as vitamin B, C, and D, magnesium and calcium deficiencies.  How on earth do we know what is happening to us? What IS true:  As we get older, vitamins are not absorbed as easily as when we were younger.  Further, we lose vitamins more...

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Don’t take getting older lying down!

woman lying down with pillow over head looking puzzled

Do we have to take getting older lying down?  I don’t think so. But let’s review, just for clarity. Getting older means changes in our bodies. Loss of stores of essential elements occur. We take in less and lose the essential vitamins and minerals more rapidly than when we were younger.  That’s just the basic aging process, not taking into account major illnesses that arise. Additionally, a healthy meal of today does not have the same nutritional value as the same meal 20 or more years ago. So even if you are eating well, it probably doesn’t meet your body’s needs.  Multiple reasons leave us bereft of our recommended daily allowances. So remember when your parents said, “Did you take your...

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