Bruce Williams, Age 48

I have been having pain in my knees for approximately 18 months. I am 48 years old and the pain started when I was doing intensive weight training with my upper body and lower body along with Martial Arts. I have seen two of the best orthopedic doctors and I have had X-rays and MRIs. There is no injury or obvious cause of the pain.

A physical therapist determined the pain was caused by my increased muscle growth in my quad and hamstrings and extreme muscle tightness. I began applying the Magnificent Spray to my legs and stretching. I very much liked the way the spray applied easily and evenly. The Magnificent helped to loosen my muscles up to allow me to stretch. Cumulatively each day, I was able to increase my stretching because the Magnificent allowed for my muscles to recover from the stretching the previous day. I immediately felt dramatic improvement. I felt relief from the pain and also increased flexibility. It made my stretching routine less painful and I have increased my flexibility. As a result my knees are feeling much better. I can run and put weight on my legs now and I feel no pain. I can walk up and down stairs without pain. I lifted weights using the leg extension and the leg curl for the first time in almost a year and I felt no pain in my knees. Also, I ran to my car across the parking lot and I felt no pain in my knees. These are things I could not do previously without pain. I am looking forward to being escalating my martial arts training this week. I continue to use the Magnificent MG Spray before stretching and also now I use it before bed. I am certain that this product is responsible for the improvement in my knee. Thank You!